10 must-have natural flu remedies to stock up on

This week’s useful tips come from Sandton-based homeopath Jaci Schultz, a mom and believer in natural remedies when they’re due. I have often tried to treat my toddler “naturally” before heading to the big guns, and especially during autumn and …

What do you think of the Oreo breastfeeding ad?

A viral Oreo ad featuring a breastfeeding baby and the tagline “Milk’s Favorite Cookie,” was never meant to go public, the company says.

The ad shows a woman’s exposed breast and the breastfeeding baby clenching one of the chocolate cookies, …

The best book since “Go the F*%$ to Sleep”?

Goodnight iPad!


Goodnight ipad 01 Goodnight iPad!

If you need some more bedtime story laughs that parodies the classic Goodnight Moon, then read on.

Author ‘Ann Droyd’ (a pseudonym for children’s author David Milgrim) has replaced moons, kittens, mittens and bears in

More educational apps that are getting our nod

And just when I think I’ve found my best educational apps for my toddler, along come some more apps to my attention that are interactive and awesome.

Spinlight Studio Apps have won a slew of awards for their educational and …

Luke, I am your (good) father

Darth Vader and Son – in images

What if Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker had had a normal father/son relationship? That is the question posed in a new graphic novel called Darth Vader and Son. Novelist Jeffrey Brown says that