Trend alert: Push-up cakes the next big thing

We've done cupcakes and cake pops, and now the latest trend is push-up cakes, or pop-up cakes. They consist of little cylinders, inside of which are usually sponge cake, icing and buttercream. But what's great is that there are no rules - you can put pretty much anything in, whether it's layers of custard, jelly or sweets, and best of all - you don't have to share with anyone, or worry about little paws messing up the icing or decor. Pictures of push-up cakes are popping up (excuse me) on Pinterest, and while I haven't seen anyone making them as a speciality in South Africa yet, I'm sure they'll pop up soon (pardon me), plus if you're creative enough, you could definitely push out your own (someone please stop me). I think they'd make great treats for adults too, with some smart fillings, and even with alcoholic versions. In the meantime, here are some pics, via Babyology┬áto inspire you...  


  1. Erin van der Vyver

    I bought some push up cakes from Michelle Olive (above) for my daughters birthday party. Awesome service and really stunning cakes – my daughter was over the moon! Each child got a cake-filled tube as part of her birthday cake and then a rainbow jelly bean filled one as a party pack. Great idea!

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