What’s in MyBabyBox this month

This month, here's what's in my delish box of goodies from MyBabyBox:

There's another great range this month: Ellie Fwend, Oh-Lief natural olive bum balm, Sister Lilian MucoCare remedy, Purity Pedia Kids antiseptic spray, HIPP organic cocoa and vanilla dessert, Ellie bib and a R40 discount for a Mexican bola or teething bling at Bolasandteething.com. Aside from the Ellie Fwend and bib which I'll probably pass on to a mom of a baby, all the products are useful to me (in particularly the HIPP dessert which I'll be savouring as a treat on my eating plan - I love this range). With My Baby Box, you can choose from four boxes: Preggy Box (from R130), Baby Box (from R130), Toddler Box (from R130), and Gift Box (from R300). It’s easy to sign up and order, and boxes are hand delivered to your door, the cost of which is included in your box. If you don’t live in a major city or courier catchment area, you can still subscribe, paying an additional fee for the delivery. You can opt out of your subscription at any time, so you’re not obligated for a set period. To find out more, go to the website, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.


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