Another “ah wow” festive-season giving moment

December 13, 2013

There’ve been many tears and sadness this week, but there were tears of another kind at the Maria Kloppers campus in Yeoville, Johannesburg, who received more than 7 000 nappies from Huggies.

Registered under the name, Abraham Kriel Childcare (AKC), this NPO provides both residential care and community services. The centre gives shelter, care and rehabilitation to children (from newborns up to 18 year olds), who are victims of trauma, abuse, poverty and neglect. There are also two drop-in centres; one in Zola and another in Emdeni, Soweto. Social workers, remedial teachers and counsellors are stationed at these centres to assist over 180 children with their problems and needs at all times.

This summed up the gift perfectly: “We are grateful for this generous donation which is going to greatly benefit our babies at our different homes.  Thank you Huggies for bringing Christmas earlier to our little ones,” said Ernesta Teessen, manager at Maria Kloppers Campus.

Here are some images from the handover:

Catherine Muller, Mokete Sekhesa and Ernesta Tessen

Huggies 2

Mokete from Kimberly Clark playing with kids from Maria Kloppers

For more on the organisation, go to

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