See how these dads go the extra step to support breastfeeding

March 13, 2014

I can’t tell if the Project Breastfeeding campaign will encourage more moms to breastfeed, or even create a more open-minded approach to things like breastfeeding in public, but I like the concept.

It started when Hector Cruz’s wife gave birth to their daughter, Sophia, and he learnt about some of the challenges breastfeeding moms have. He learnt that dads aren’t educated enough about nursing, the act is incorrectly sexualised, and feeding your baby in public is frowned upon.

His response was a photo series of dads pretending to nurse with the words “If I Could, I Would” imprinted on the images. The aim is to educate men in order to get rid of the stigma attached to breastfeeding.

Here are some of his images:



In addition to the photos, Project Breastfeeding is raising money to launch co-ed breastfeeding support classes.

For more information about Project Breastfeeding, visit their websiteFacebook page, or Twitter.


Via Huffington Post

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  • Heather

    Great campaign! I actually read this book about parenting around the world (How Eskimos Keep their babies warm) where a certain tribe (Aka Pygmies) has the men giving the babies their nipples just for comfort!

    March 13, 2014 at 11:22 am Reply
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