Oh-Lief products – I now understand what everyone’s been raving about

July 30, 2014

For the last few years I’ve read a lot about O-lief baby products, and seen post after post from mainly Cape Town mom and beauty bloggers raving about them. My FOMO was fortunately cut short last week when I got sent some products to try out, and while all the products were baby specific, I still couldn’t wait to try them on ME.

To fill you in, O-lief products were founded in 2010 by two sisters, Christine Buchanan and Louiza Rademan, who wanted products that were made from 100% local, natural, organic and raw ingredients. They used old family recipes to create products that include shampoo, insect balm, lip balm, bum cream, aqueous cream and Tummy Wax.


There are products for babies and adults, and just like I did, many moms use the baby products on themselves. I tried out the Oh-lief Natural Products Baby Box, which contains Natural Olive Bum Balm, Natural Olive Baby Shampoo, Natural Aqueous Cream, Natural Olive Baby Wax (fantastic for treating dry patches, cradle cap or insect bites, or used as a massage balm to soothe your baby after bath time), Natural Olive Insect Balm (which is completely natural and 100% safe to use on babies from six months) and Natural Olive Tummy Wax.

The box also has a tree certificate from the Oh-lief team, and you’ll get a complimentary tree certificate, along with the GPS co-ordinates of the tree they have planted on behalf of your child. What an awesome keepsake is that, and what a stunning gift for an expectant or new mom too.

OhLief_NaturalLipBalm_RomanChamomile_25g_7900kr_HiRes300dpi_1_zpse49a3170 I loved using the products – the packaging is simple and pretty, and I don’t know about you, but packaging is half the great experience for me. The products have mild fragrances, and aside from the insect balm which I didn’t use at all (no need in winter), I multitasked with the others, using the Tummy Wax for dry patches on my skin, plus cuticles, and the bum balm for my heels, and the aqueous cream as a cream and not just a cleansing wash. The results? Softness, lightness and no grease or difficulty in absorption.  On my hitlist to still try:  Oh-lief Grapefruit, Sweet Orange and Tea Tree Hand Wash and Oh-lief Grapefruit and Lime Hand Lotion. Natural Olive Heel Balm and Natural Body Oil with Green Rooibos & Roman Chamomile, plus any of the lip balms.


For stockist info, check out the links on their website.



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