“Are we there yet?” Kids’ travel activities to beat the boredom

March 23, 2016

If you're travelling with kids for Easter, or any time in fact, you'll *need* to plan or pack some activities so that there's minimal boredom, tears, frustration and tantrums. While I've got you covered with some activity and travel app ideas further down, MiWay wants you to know that they've got you covered with car insurance.

Even if you have car insurance, it's always worth looking around to see if there's something more affordable, convenient and suitable, much like we we moms do with nappies. I like that with MiWay Car Insurance you can buy and manage policies online, which saves time and you can do it whatever time, without chatting to anyone (though there are trained consultants to help and guide you along). They also have a  quick hail claim process to avoid the call centre queues after big storms, and auto authorisation of glass claims when completed online for qualifying clients.

With MiWay, you can also:

  • Choose affordable insurance cover that suits your needs and your pocket, simple to understand, without the fine-print

  • Get your Rewards whether you claim or not

  • Decide your preferred way to interact with us – via our call centre and online: 24/7/365

  • Experience a hassle-free and efficient claims process

  • Choose flexible excesses

  • Fix your car insurance premiums for a period of 36 months! (tcs and cs apply)


You can also do pretty much everything on their website, from comparing multiple car and home insurance quotes, to updating details, to submitting claims, to viewing your insured items.

There's also a brilliant MiWay app, which offers:

  • accident, roadside and home assistance

  • directions to inspection centres

  • the ability to submit a claim

  • quote generation for those who are still thinking of becoming a MiWay client.

Just like with the website, you can also view all your policy info on the app, and update your details.

Contact MiWay on 0860 64 64 64, or visit their site for more info and how to get a quote.


Easy activity ideas while travelling:

– Create an "activity tray" with crayons, kokis and paper, colouring-in books, and even puzzles, building blocks, play dough and cutters

– Create a "scavenger hunt" for your kids for the journey. Stick pictures of landmarks or things you're going to see onto index cards, put them in a folder, and get your kids looking out for the places.  glues pictures of the items they're looking for onto index cards (one apiece), then laminates the cards, punches a hole in one corner, and hooks them on a ring for portability. Items vary with the destination but might include nature finds, landmarks, public art, or eye-catching buildings.

– Try the good 'ol favourite games such as "I spy with my little eye", "20 questions", and thinking of animals and objects using different letters of the alphabet.

– Throw a "party" in the car – dance or move to different types of music, or play charades, acting as different animals or people, while others guess what you are.

– Invest in some magnetic games for older kids such as checkers, noughts and crosses, and snakes and ladders.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 5.56.04 PM

Great travel apps for kids

Hoopa City – Kids can build roads and house when they create their own cities. (R59.99)

screen640x640 (1)

My Little Suitcase – This is a fun app for younger kid who can plan their own holidays, and what to pack. (Free)

screen480x480 (1)

Toca Mini – Kids can make their own Toca characters using controls, colours and stamps. (R59.99)


Moody Monster Manor: This app is great for easing kids’ fears in new places, by allowing them to create their own monsters. (Free)


Road Trip Bingo: This is a cool app for long drives, and has more than 40 roadtrip-themed Bingo squares. (Free)


A Family Matters. This app offers conversation ideas, questions and activities appropriate to where you are (e.g. on an aeroplane, at a restaurant, or on a road trip). (R37.99)


Family Car Games: This app has instruction for 100 fun and no-equipment-needed games for the road (or anywhere). (Free)


Drawing Pad – Children can create art with crayons, paint brushes, markers, stickers, rollers and more. There are also colouring books. (R37.99) 


iStoryTime: With tons of illustrated children’s books to choose from individually, this app allows kids to read stories to themselves or get them narrated. From R18.99 per story.


Disney Storytime: Kids can listen to their favourite tales, from Frozen to Lion King, either on their own, or with narration. (Free).

screen568x568 (1)

The Night Sky: When you hold your iPad to a dark sky, it tells you what constellations you’re looking at. (R3.99)


21 Animal Puzzles for Kids  (free) which help children work on fine motor skills, animal/object recognition both by photo as well as by name. (free)


Endless Alphabet: This is one of my best apps, and is engaging and brilliant for learning letters and words. (R139.99)

screen640x640 (1)

Bugs and Buttons – This is one of the best rated and downloaded education apps, and has 18 games and activities, with great visuals and music. (R59.99) 

screen322x572 (1)
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