Motherhood: what you lose, what you gain

February 14, 2017

We know motherhood is about sacrifices, gains, rewards – and lost sleep!

Mom of four, physiotherapist, author and founder of Divorce Source (a brilliant resource for those going through a divorce), sent me a fantastic piece on motherhood, and what it means. She puts it brilliantly – have  a read…

When you give birth to a child and the placenta is removed…..there is a lot more that you lose along with it:

• Your dignity (although this is recoverable)
• Some brain cells
• The possibility of uninterrupted sleep
• Lazy 10am wake-ups
• Concentration abiity
• Short-term memory
• Razor sharp arithmetic skills
• Your perfect 10 figure (if you ever had one)
• The ability to “keep your shit together at all times”
• One’s own identity (at times)

But….with such significant loss, there is also immeasurable gain of:
• A lifetime supply of cuddles
• Moments of joy and beauty that cannot be described
• The opportunity to love in a way that you never dreamed to be possible
• A daily supply of lessons in humility
• Honesty from their mouthes (like nobody else would even dare say)
• A sense of humour and the ability to laugh at oneself (especially when elbow deep in the poo you never saw coming)

As a mom, you must know:
• You may not be formally thanked, but the thank you is before your eyes constantly
• Your children will not fail Grade 1 if they are not breastfed
• You wont get a medal for colour coding their cupboards, for meticulously packing their school lunches, for heroically plodding through Singapore maths, for doing spelling drills until you are delirious, for clocking up mileage that would rival any Uber driver
• You WILL burn out if you don’t practice self-nurturing. Happy mom = happy kids.

There’s no formal training for being a mom. It can be a tough world out there and being a mom is a huge job. We make many sacrifices…..but the rewards are immeasurable.
Don’t be so hard on yourself. Give yourself a hug for being human, for being imperfect…..for being the best mom that you can be.

Feature image of mom and baby hands: Shutterstock


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