What it’s like to have your baby’s stem cells banked

March 14, 2017

You might remember that last year I wrote a lot about stem cell banking with Netcells, as I was pregnant and wanted to learn more and share it too (you can read some of the posts here and here).

Last year, I also hosted a competition here, to win umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cell banking with Netcells, and a few weeks after the birth of her gorgeous boy Zack, I asked the winner Valyn Kolman a few questions about her experience, as I was keen to see how she found things:

Why were you interested in stem cell banking?

Stem cell banking for us is like having an insurance policy – it's a non negotiable in our eyes. You have to have it but you pray you will never need to actually use it. Simply put – better safe than sorry

What was your experience like, from meeting someone from Netcells, to the process after your baby was born?

Everything was great. Wendy Robertson met with us at the hospital for a coffee and took us through the entire procedure and answered all our questions adequately  – she was patient and explained what was required from us.

She helped us complete the forms so as to minimise what we had to do on the day and everything was pre populated on the viles and the courier waybill so it was user friendly.

What was the reality of the process like, vs your expectations?

I was so anxious about the actual birth process that I didn't really think about the actual process – I knew that my medical team had done many of these before and that we were in good hands.

I obviously wasn't able to see anything take place as I had a Caesar but it all seemed to happen very quickly and before i knew it my box was with me on my bed 

What would you tell other parents who are considering stem cell banking?

I would advise parents that if you can afford it then do it without hesitation. The great part is that you are able to pay it off in installments, and if you are on Discovery then there is the added benefit of the discount depending on the Netcells payment plan you choose. If we were to be blessed with another little baby, then we would absolutely do it without a doubt.

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  • Joanie

    We also decided with our first born to bank his stem cells. He was born prem but the doctor did the stem cell harvest out of the umbilical cord with no problems. So naturally with our second child we had the same doctor there will be no problems right? A week after the birth we got the call they cant bank anything the blood taken out of the cord was too little. After talking to everyone involved no one could say why this happened. The only possible cause was that there was delayed clamping of the umbilical cord that causes the little blood left to take for the stem cells. So please mommies if you going to do it make sure your doctor takes enough blood. No one tells you this before you go for the procedure………..

    March 14, 2017 at 7:36 am Reply
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