Dove launches incredible new ranges for women and babies

July 13, 2017

Dove has not only been busy adding new products to the women's range, but also creating a whole new line for babies for the first time. There's a lot of good stuff on offer, which I'm still making my way through, but here's an overview (my favourite so far are the baby wipes, the Invisible Dry, and DermaSpa Body Cream.

Baby Dove

Baby Dove comes in two ranges – Rich Moisture and Sensitive – and both are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Dove says that their products are made with tear-free cleansers, moisturisers that replenish lost moisture, and cleansers that are pH neutral.

In the Rich Moisture range you'll find the Baby Bar, Tip to Toe Wash, shampoo, lotion, petroleum jelly, nappy cream and baby wipes. The Sensitive Moisture range has Tip-to-Toe Wash, lotion and baby wipes.

The products are already available at Baby City, and at supermarkets and chemists from the beginning of July. Prices are R12.99 for the bar, R38.99 for the wash (200ml), R31.99 for a pack of 50 wipes, R49.99 for the shampoo (200ml), R34.99 for the nappy cream, R48.99 for the moisture lotion and R17.99 for the petroleum jelly (100ml).


Dove for women

The new additions can be divided into three categories: underarm, hair and body.

DermaSpa for hand and body

These is probably Dove's most pampering and hard working ranges, and highly moisturising.

There are three DermaSpa varieties: Goodness³ , Uplifted+ and Cashmere Cream.

In the Goodness³ range, you'll find a divine-smelling body lotion, body oil (I adore this), body cream and hand cream.

The Uplfited+ collection includes a roller-ball serum that moisturises to improve firmness and elasticity, and body lotion.

Cashmere Comfort has a body lotion, body butter and hand treatment.

The hand lotions costs R59.99, body lotions R89.99, body creams R129.99, body oil R129.99, and body roller-ball serum R129.99.

Nutritive Solutions for Hair

The Dove Nutritive Solutions range has four varieties: Intensive (for damaged hair), Daily Moisture (for normal hair), Colour Care (for colour-treated hair), and Nourishing Oil Care (for frizzy and unruly hair).

Prices start at R49.99 for the shampoo and R49.99 for the conditioner. The daily treatment conditioner and treatment mask are R79.99 each.



Dove says that their new underarm formulations contain extra moisturisation, plus boost the skin's ability to retain water and prevent dryness (thanks to its glycerol and sunflower oil).

In ther range you'll find Dove Original (with up to 48-hour protection), Dove Invisible Dry (to protect clothes too), Dove Mineral Touch (to leave your underarms feeling soft), and Dove Sensitive (with no alcohol, colourants or preservatives), and Dove Beauty Finish (with 1/4 moisturising cream and vitamins E and F for smooth underarms). 

You can get the roll on (50ml) for about R20.99, and aerosol (150ml) for R31.99.

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    Our little one is due in October, will definitely be buying the baby dove to try out.

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