Bootcamp for your thighs

January 19, 2012

I recently went to Sherbet Angel Spa in Parkhurst for a thigh bootcamp treatment, using Mama Mio products. Still carrying more than a tad of post-pregnancy weight (two years down the line), I was more than happy to go through a thigh bootcamp that involved no lunges, but rather lying in a beautifully fragranced, lit and melodied spa room.

The one-hour treatment is said to reduce cellulite and water retention, increase skin tonicity, and reduce wobble. The treatment involves movements to boost circulation, double exfoliation, and an algae mask treatment.

Aside from the brief itchy and tingly algae mask (which means it’s doing its job), it was a pleasant and indulgent treatment. While my pants felt a little looser afterwards, I don’t think the treatment made a massive difference, but apparently the results are extremely effective after several sessions (which makes sense – miracles seldom happen after one bout).

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