I wish I was the person who invented this

February 7, 2012

So simple. And so lucrative. And one of those inventions where I think “I could have, or should have done that”.

A man in the US, Matthew Nifield, invented an app in order to get his twin daughters to fall asleep. Called White Noise Ambience app, it simply plays white noise (a sound frequency that produces a calming “hiss” noise, that is similar to sounds in the womb, which is why it’s said to calm babies down).

The app is being downloaded by exhausted parents, while Matthew makes around 6 000 Pounds a month, plus his twin daughters fall asleep easily.

Other sounds on the app include a steam train, frogs croaking in a rainforest, and even the sounds of a sprinkler, tumble drier and lawnmower.

Via dailymail.co.uk

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