Will you help me help some kids?

March 5, 2012

High five to everyone behind the Starfish Greathearts Comrades campaign, which has a new Facebook app to not only draw in runners to run Comrades for charity, but to allow people to donate on their behalf easily and securely.

Starfish is an organisation that looks after hundreds of thousands of children affected by HIV-Aids (either with the disease, or those orphaned). They are aiming to raise R2 million this year through at least 200 runners (that’s R5000 per runner).

I’ve run Comrades for Starfish twice and it was a privilege to do so – the children who line the route dressed in orange cheering the Greathearts along makes every kilometre and every pain worthwhile, and it’s something I’m undertaking again this year. This time, through Facebook, the process for runners and sponsors is so much easier – you simply like the page, and opt to run for Starfish, or sponsor one of the Greathearts. It took me about four minutes to sign up, plus donate money to my cause.

I know I’ve asked so much of my readers before re various charity initiatives, but since I was born with a fair share of chutzpah, I’m asking again for help. There are 90 days to go, so there’s plenty of time for me to nag and cajole (and crap myself get revved up for the race).

Thank you in advance,


PS: This was first published on Keep Calm and Run

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  • Kevin Welman

    This campaign rocks, the Facebook link is http://www.facebook.com/starfishcharity

    March 5, 2012 at 11:26 am Reply
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