10 must-have natural flu remedies to stock up on

April 26, 2012
This week’s useful tips come from Sandton-based homeopath Jaci Schultz, a mom and believer in natural remedies when they’re due. I have often tried to treat my toddler “naturally” before heading to the big guns, and especially during autumn and winter time I bump on remedies before I or my toddler get sick. Jaci shares her 10 must-have remedies to fill your medicine cabinet – or cupboard with).
  1. Aconite 200ch. This remedy is phenomenal and works almost in a first aid like fashion. Take 1 dose immediately especially if you have been exposed to cold wind resulting in cold or flu like symptoms or ear pain. And then if the symptoms persist or develop, take 1 dose 3-4 x daily.
  2. Oscillococcinum granules by Boiron. This homoeopathic medication is specific for the treatment of flu and flu like symptoms. The medication is a favourite of mine not only because it works so quickly but also because the tiny granules dissolve so easily in the mouth and makes the usual unpleasant task of administering a medication an absolute pleasure.
  3. Nat Mur 6ch. This remedy is specifically for a clear to slightly opaque mucus that looks like raw egg white. There is often an associated increase in sneezing and there may also be a post nasal drip.
  4. Pulsatilla 6ch. Pulsatilla is a perfect winter remedy because it is indicated for that obstructed, congested nose, better out in the open air and worse in a warm, stuffy room. The mucus tends to be a creamy colour, and the post nasal drip may result in an intermittent cough.
  5. Kali Bich 6ch. The picture that fits Kali Bich’s mucus is quite icky. The mucus tends to be thicker and green in colour. There is a lot of congestion, and because the mucus dries in the nose and forms crusts, kids who need Kali Bich tend to pick their nose frequently in an attempt to remove the crusts.
  6. Stodal Cough and Cold Syrup. This syrup is great tasting and is for mucus anywhere in the respiratory tract, from the sinuses to the lungs. It works well for wet and dry coughs and is useful to keep at home.
  7. Cetralin Children’s Cough Syrup. This cough syrup is particularly effective for those coughs that develop as a result of a post nasal drip and sinusitis. The mucus often results in a hacking cough, causing the child to sometimes even vomit up the phlegm.
  8. Sinusan Nasal Spray. This nasal spray helps with congestion and a runny nose. The best part about it is that since it is homoeopathic in nature, you do not have to stop using it after 5 days like most conventional nasal sprays.
  9. Spongia 6ch. This is a remedy par excellence for that dry, hacking cough that sounds like you are sawing through a piece of wood.
  10. A good quality cold steam humidifier! The air that we breathe in in Joeys is so dry, and this often causes irritation and inflammation of the respiratory mucosa. The windows should always be a fraction open to allow good air circulation, and there should not be little rivers of water on the inside of the window.

For more info, you can phone Jaci, 011 883 7000 or 083 3779245, or email schultzj@global.co.za


Jaci and daughter Noa

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