I think I’ve found the ultimate cure for dry hands…

April 26, 2012

Have you heard of Soylites candles? The first soy candles in South Africa? I went to a function this week and they introduced all their ranges (from candles and travel candles to soaps and lip balms). I’ve often given Soylite moisturising and massage candles as gifts and everyone raves about them – from their smell to the fact that you can use the wax to to massage into your skin.

I only tried them for the first time this week and I love them – my dry hands (it’s not even winter yet) are now smooth and soft (not greasy) thanks to Soylites. Moms will be glad to know that there’s a massage candle specifically for babies and pregnant women called Baby Love with coconut oil, grapeseed oil and soybean oil wax. It’s amazing and though I’m neither baby nor pregnant, I’m going to use it as it makes my skin ultra soft.

SoyLites are GM free and pesticide free, and burn 50 percent longer than paraffin candles. The big candles will last for around 50 hours. And if you’re worried about the heat of the wax, know that the candles melt at only 2 degrees above body temperature. The moisturising candles are said to soothe dry cracked skin, minor cuts and even eczema and psoriasis.

There’s also a body balm range launching soon.

The products vary in price from around R60 for the lip balms and R185 for the candles. They’re available at leading health and wellness stores, or go to their website for more info.

PS: If you’re looking to give a great Mother’s Day gift, or needing to hint to someone about what you want, then this is it.

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