Some “me time” that’s not worth the guilt – Mount Grace Country House & Spa

April 27, 2012

As I posted on Dear Max, I went to Mount Grace last weekend, for one night, as part of a blogger’s get-together. I missed my toddler enormously, but I think that “me time”, even if it’s for a manicure, sleep, shopping spree or wax is vital as a mom. For me, this time gives me some extra sleep and a chance to look after myself before I can adequately take care and nurture a wonderful little dude. Some time apart, even for a full workday, makes me long for my truck-obsessed toddler, but it also gives me some perspective and an enormous appreciation for when I see him again.

And this weekend at Mount Grace, the 24 hours away from home, chores and (mostly) my laptop was wonderful. I had a spa treatment, read, ate at the amazing Rambling Vine restaurant, slept in luxury and had a divine breakfast at leisure.


I left feeling relaxed, looked after and rested, and ready to build Lego and read the same digger book 10 times.

For more info on Mount Grace, visit their website. They offer spa treatments and meals for non-staying guests, which means you can easily pop in if you live in Gauteng, and make a few hours of it.


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  • Ernest Kullas

    out of|address is in} Ellicott City, {near|close to|not too far from|only 15 minutes

    October 5, 2012 at 11:34 am Reply
  • Chereen Strydom

    Aaah, I love Mount Grace! My hubby took me here for a weekend away while we were still dating. Happy memories!

    May 15, 2013 at 1:37 pm Reply
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