No to hankies, socks and soap! Try these Father’s Day gift ideas instead

June 12, 2012

It’s always tough buying a gift for my dad for Father’s Day. He has lots of stuff, and I’ve faced that disappointing look a few times when I haven’t quite hit the mark with shirts, books and Body Shop toileteries. This year I’m getting savvy and getting the gift that won’t disappoint – an iTunes voucher, with a list of these apps, compiled by Saul Kropman, an Apple fanatic and blogger at Loose Change. Here’s his choice of top apps.

1)   Weber’s “On the grill”

As a good South African male your dad probably likes a bit of a Sunday braai. However, if you’re tired of charcoal chops and salmonella chicken you might want to get him this app. Providing over two hundred and eighty recipes, a useful timer, instructional videos and the ability to share a shopping list via email (Mom will appreciate this) you can’t really go wrong. It’s $5 and available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

2)   Hundred Pushups and Two Hundred Sit-ups

Realistically ever since he had you, your Dad has let himself go a bit and has developed an adorable belly. Help him regain his dignity with the “Hundred Pushups” and “Two Hundred Sit-ups” applications. The apps take you from zero to a hundred pushups in eight weeks. It’s $2 per app and is available for iOS and Android. Just remember not to call him fat.


3)   Zinio magazine subscription

Your dad might have a tablet but still reads his favourite magazines like Car, The Economist or GQ in paper. Bring him into the twenty first century and buy him a subscription to his favourite magazine on Zinio. It’s cheaper than the paper version; more eco friendly and he can carry various magazines around in one device. Download the app on his tablet and go to the Zinio website to purchase a subscription.

4)   8500+ Drink and cocktail recipes

Your dad probably doesn’t drink whiskey Mad Men style but enjoys making a drink behind the bar he built in the back of your house. Help him impress his friends even further with his knowledge of almost every drink and combination available. With 8500 potential drinks he’ll be the favourite bartender at any party from now on. While you’re at it, give him the greatest gift and stop stealing his booze.

5)   iHandy Level Free

While Dad probably never notices Mom is a stickler for straight pictures and shelving. Help your dad become Mom’s knight in shining armor; with this app all you’ll need is to put your phone to the wall and you’ll see exactly how straight your surface is. Available for free on both the iPhone and Android platform for free you can’t go wrong.


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