Eight questions I’d love to ask my toddler

June 15, 2012

You’ve probably wondered what cats and dogs would say if they could talk, right? Well I often wonder what my toddler would say if I asked him some questions. And as he goes through his stages, my questions differ – from “Are you laughing at me or with me when I pull funny faces?” and “Why do you poo as soon as your nappy is off?” to “What does it feel like when I don’t buy you another truck?”

So if I could, here’s what I’d ask:

– Max, I adore you and will always try to respect your wardrobe choices, but why do you like wearing your orange truck pyjamas every day?

– Do you realise that you’re wearing pyjamas each day to school?

– How is it that you can go to sleep around 10pm, and wake up around 7am? You seem to function with a lot less sleep than others.

– When you run away from me at the park, for example, is it simply for fun, or is it about the chase too?

– Why do you pull the cat’s tail and chase her around, even though you *know* the consequences?

– Why do you hate the food mixer so much? Did something happen that you cry and hate it?

– Why do you always dip your hands into my glass of water, when you have your own?

– Why do pecking orders for toddlers exist? ie I’m top on your favourites list, then the bottom? Is it in proportion to presents bought/fun had/time spent?


What would you ask you child if you could?

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  • Pamela

    I woud like to ask her how it is possible to go from bawling her eyes out one minute to laughing the next. And was she really upset or was she just trying her luck?

    July 6, 2012 at 12:42 pm Reply
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