Why the “terrible twos” can be awesome

June 19, 2012

Mention “terrible twos” and all I can think of is my toddler having a shit fit in a shop because he wants a truck and there are none. And as people stare and roll their eyes, and wonder what type of abuse I’ve hurled onto my son, I simply whisper: “It’s the terrible twos”, hoping that will explain things. I guess the “terrible twos” is a term used to describe the self centredness of toddlers that results in tears and tantrums. And while I braced myself for that stage before the time, and wondered what storm would hit us on 22 September 2011 when Max turned two, it’s been great. Yes, there have been moments and mayhem, but it’s been such a year of development and cuteness, that I’ve decided to list the “tremendous” part of the twos:

– My son has learnt how to say “I wuv you”

– He loves to give “beeg hugs” and “keeses”

– We can go out and have a good time together at the park or out for a meal: conversing about dogs, the weather, trucks, construction sites etc

– He can tell me what is happening while he’s playing with the apps on his iPad

– He can finally pay attention to Dr Seuss books, and enjoy them with me

– He can tell me when he’s hungry, tired or thirsty

– We get to enjoy fun firsts: theatre, cinema and Playball classes

– He can help around the house: throwing things away, calling the dog, putting things in the sink

– He’s engaging, asking me what I’m doing, how I’m feeling, where am I going

– He’s hilarious and often entertaining. The other day he told me: “I can’t read a book. I’m too beeseee”


What did you or do you love about the twos?


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  • Aiden Choles

    simply pleasure really … my boy brings me my slippers now 😉

    June 19, 2012 at 11:44 am Reply
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