Introducing the world’s tallest Lego building

July 19, 2012


world's tallest Lego tower, LEGOLAND
Because it would be criminal to go a week without blogging about Lego, here is the world’s tallest Lego building, at Legoland Windsor Park in the UK, which broke records a few days ago. It measures 32m, used more than 500 000 Lego bricks, and took hundreds of volunteers a few days to build.

Groups of Lego enthusiasts helped construct the tower comprising of 160 different coloured sections at ground level before they were hoisted into place using a crane.

world's tallest Lego tower

To complete the record attempt Lego master builder Per K Knudsen finally placed nine Team GB Lego mini figures on top of the tower.

The tower beats the previous record set in Seoul earlier in year and reclaims the record previously held by the resort in 2008.

world's tallest Lego tower
Via Metro


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