What’s in your handbag?

July 24, 2012

Call me voyeuristic or curious, but I’m always keen to know what other people carry in their handbags, which kicks off this series “What’s in your handbag?” (I’ll also be including “What’s in your nappy bag?”

I decided to ask Sharon van Wyk of Blessed Barrenness what swag she has in her handbag. Here’s what she shared:

“Thankfully, with BabyVW still on the way (who know’s when) I’m not currently lugging about a nappy bag but the contents of my bag were interesting and I think speak volumes about who I am as a woman. The first thing I learned during this experiment is that I must be a magician! What I fit into my tiny handbag defies the laws of physics, it should not be impossible to fit into one bag! And yet, there is not a single item in my bag I could ever leave home without!

So here’s the lowdown:

  • Guess wallet – stuffed to exploding with way to many loyalty cards and other plastic and never enough cash!
  • My Kindle – a new acquisition and one which I’m most in love with and not sure how I lived so long without!
  • My Samsung Galaxy Tab – because I cannot live a moment in a day without being surrounded by technology, so if the power goes out at work, or our internet goes down, no problem, I whip out my tablet and continue surfing, browsing, blogging and tweeting.
  • My BlackBerry – which I share a love/hate relationship with! Cannot live without it even though it drives me nuts! Cannot wait for my upgrade! So done with a hanging BlackBerry!
  • A Hello Kitty screen cleaner – for said BlackBerry & Tablet & because I love Hello Kitty so very much!
  • My Hello Kitty compact mirror & lip-gloss – because you can never have too much Hello Kitty or lip-gloss!
  • My Christopher Vine business card holder – because there’s always a chance to network and I like doing it in style!
  • My Period Bag – stuffed with tampons, intimate wipes and Nurofen’s for the days when I’m feeling less than my best or caught off guard!
  • Body Shop Vitamin E face mist – my go to product after a rough night, whether toddler or wine induced, when my skin feels parched & I need a pick me up!
  • Palladio Rice Paper – my absolute MUST HAVE – for the boiling hot days when my skin looks like it did shift at Mc Donald’s in front of the chip fryer! Nothing swabs up an oil slick like these little miracle papers!
  • Ava’s wallet – stuffed to capacity and weighting about 50kg’s, filled with tokens for Magic Land & no real money on account of my wallet which is always lacking in cash! *mommy guilt face*
  • A notebook – for what I’m not sure… not a single used page in it!
  • My Pandora pen – for the notebook I never write in!
  • Pandora catalogue – so that I can continue to drop hints & kit my husband with suitable gift idea’s!
  • A pack of tissues – and a thousand scrunched-up used tissues.
  • Wet wipes – both of the baby kind and all the free one’s from restaurants – never know when you need those!
  • Bling tiny toiletry bag – stuffed to capacity with mints and toothpicks and the stubs from last year’s Roxette concert!
  • And the cracker – the base of my bag is lined with a layer of lint, hair, fluff and even a wine cork!

I think I need a bigger handbag!”

Brave enough to share the contents of your bag? If so, please email me here

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  • Sharon

    Hey T
    This was loads of fun! I’m looking forward to see what stuff other Mom’s are lugging about with them on a daily basis.
    But let me help you…. http://www.theblessedbarrenness.co.za
    I was also thinking, for the REALLY brave Mom’s, you could do What’s In Your Car! I won’t be participating in that exercise for fear that people think I travel in a pig stye!

    July 24, 2012 at 7:18 am Reply
  • TJ

    I’m amazed at what you fit into your handbag, Sharon! The question however is, Do you have space for W’s wallet and car keys?

    July 25, 2012 at 7:58 pm Reply
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