There are toys, and there are TOYS

July 27, 2012

As I type this, my toddler is playing with a dump truck and rubbish truck. Nothing unusual there as he’s obsessed with trucks and diggers, but this time there is no “It’s broken” or “It’s stuck” which are regular laments with the less expensive plastic vehicles I buy for him (many of which have made their way into real rubbish trucks).

His new trucks come from Smarticle, a brilliant online toy shop where you can shop according to age, category, price and development need. Take a look:

Here’s how I searched for my choice of toys, based on my toddler’s age and preferences:


And best of all, there is loads of information about each toy, including a demo video, plus you can read reviews, if they exist.

Every toy on the site is natural, safe, eco-friendly, non-violent and durable, and I love that you can learn what skills each product speaks to. What’s more, you can also choose presents, and get them gift wrapped. There are gift ideas too, and you can safely pay on the site, without being redirected elsewhere.

Aside from a truck and dump truck, I also got a tool set, a tugboat that floats in water, and a farmyard that you build and decorate (12 koki pens included).

For more info or to shop, head to the Smarticle website or find them on Facebook.


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