What’s in your bag? Shannon Richards opens up…

August 1, 2012

I love Shannon Richards‘ bag, but even more delicious is her baby Lily. Here Shannon shares her spills..

“With an 11-month old baby I carry a nappy bag and a hand bag around with me at all times, and often my handbag doubles as a nappy bag and visa versa! I’m a handbag addict so I carry a lou harvey nappy bag and a beautiful blue leather saddle bag from Venice.

In it/them I have:

  • Nappies and nappy packets- more than I need so that I don’t get caught out!
  • Wetwipes- baby kind and the disinfectant kind for wiping off baby seats and trolley handles as well as dirty hands from crawling on the floor!
  • Makeup bag containing foundation, mascara and eight hour cream. Just enough to make me look presentable.
  • Hairbrush
  • A variety of toys
  • A bottle filled with tea or water and spare tea bags
  • A Tupperware container with Marie biscuits, mini cheddars and rice cakes.
  • An emergency pot of purity fruit and a spoon.
  • A changing mat.
  • A change of clothes for both Lily and I. I’ve been caught out with that one before and had to walk around doing Christmas shopping with baby puke all over my dress.
  • A baby beanie and blanket.
  • My Nine West purse (that’s usually empty)
  • My blackberry
  • My kindle
  • A few balls of wool and crochet hooks- I spend a lot of time sitting in the car while Lily sleeps so I make sure I’m always prepared with something to do.
  • My iPod loaded with audiobooks
  • Car keys and house keys
  • ID book (oh! That’s where that is! Hahaha)
  • Hard sweets for me to suck because I get very car sick.
  • Baby panado, ear drops, teething gel and syringe.
  • Spoeg doek.

Yup I manage to fit that all into two little/big/overflowing bags!”

If you’d like to feature your bag here, please email me – I’d love to see what’s inside!

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