A toy store that deserves an Olympic gold – Harrod’s new Toy Kingdom

August 13, 2012
Spanning 26 000 feet, Harrod’s new Toy Kingdom could be the reason your kids start nagging you to visit London. It took three years to build, and here’s why it’s wow:

• The Big Top: a fairground of circus acts surrounded by fancy dress costumes, dolls houses, rocking horses and soft toys.

• The Candy Store: chocolate and sweets, while a special stall makes unusual confectionary.

• The Enchanted Forest: fairies whisper from tree trunks while wigwams on the forest floor house the latest collection of Sylvanian Families and Flutter Fairies alongside arts and crafts.

• Wonderland: a colourful ‘Gran Canyon’ housing the departments most exclusive and high-tech toys.

• The Odyssey: a crash-landed space rocket and huge sun bursts help showcase the latest gadgets and gizmos.

• The Reading Room: browse the rotunda of books, climb into the story telling cubby-holes and explore the world of Harry Potter.

What’s more, Toy Kingdom is non-gender specific, recognising that these days boys and girls play with a variety of toys.

new-toy-kingdom-main.jpg new-toy-kingdom-1.jpg new-toy-kingdom-4.jpg new-toy-kingdom-1.jpg new-toy-kingdom-1.jpg new-toy-kingdom-1.jpg new-toy-kingdom-2.jpg

Via Junior and LuxuryLaunches



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  • Sue Stuart

    Oh. My. Greatness! We are going to be in the uk for Christmas and I seriously wonder if we should try and organize a day trip to Toy Kingdom! Hmm I need to google train journeys from the Cotswolds 🙂

    August 13, 2012 at 4:51 pm Reply
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