Great skincare tips for pregnancy by Balm Balm’s Susan Rowan (guest post)

September 27, 2012

Who better to give natural and safe pregnancy skincare advice than Susan Rowan of Balm Balm South Africa, which are organic, paraben-free and wonderful face and body products. Susan shares some tips:

Looking rough during pregnancy?

Pregnancy affects everyone differently so some women can feel rough, instead of glowing! One of the main things to remember though is that you become far more sensitive in every way during pregnancy and most women develop an almost sixth sense as to what’s good for them and what isn’t, so some start to question what they are putting on their skin and hair.

This is a wonderful time and a perfect excuse to start using the gentlest, most natural products around and the benefits will pay off for both you and your baby.

It is not essential that you use Fragrance Free products during pregnancy but some women’s sense of smell becomes so heightened that they often prefer to use unfragranced products. A good rule of thumb is that if you can eat it you can put it on your skin, so experiment with making face masks with mushed up avocado or deep conditioning hair oil with warm virgin olive oil for instance.

We don’t have any shampoos or soaps at Balm Balm as all our products are 100% organic and all foaming products unfortunately have some synthetics in them, so you really just have to go with a company that you trust to use as few chemicals as possible. A great natural way to perk up your skin or hair is cold water. For hair give it a final rinse with cold water. If you are let feeling chilly you can return to warm water afterwards. The change in temperature really stimulates the scalp which will liven up your hair. For your face, splash with cold water any time of day. Again, this stimulates blood flow which will give you a lovely glow.

Either way – just keep it simple.

To contact Susan, email her here and for info on Balm Balm, go to their website.

Note: This post is brought to you by Balm Balm

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