What’s in your handbag? Sasha Simotopoulos unpacks hers…

October 4, 2012

Like Sasha Simotopoulos, I have my share of homeopathic meds and wet wipes in my handbag. Here’s what else this fab mom of two has in her bag…

I have always thought that what’s inside your handbag says a lot about who you are, and if that’s is the case I think I’m quite boring now that I have actually emptied out my bag;)

So what’s inside:

  • Wet wipes and tissues (because I’m a mom and these are vital!)
  • 3 x scrunched-up lists of things to do and buy ( I am a list addict)
  • My wallet I bought in Buenos Aires
  • My iPhone with gorgeous cover my hubby got me ( it has all our instagram pics of our munchkins)
  • Loose change including a rupee from our Mauritian holiday a year ago (note to self this must come out!)
  • A pen in its case and a note pad (for all my lists)
  • Two teeny tiny books of our fave Instagram pics
  • Car keys
  • Small cross for my godhild-to-be’s Christening
  • Clarins instant light lip gloss
  • A whistle
  • Body Thrills lip balm
  • Hair bands and clips
  • Oscillococcinum for flu prevention
  • Homeopathic remedy for runny nose ( for baby)
  • Slips
  • Old tissues (sies!)


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