Is it contagious? Find your answer easily with this cool app

October 16, 2012
Lice? Pink eye? Bronchitis? How do you know when it’s “safe” to send your child to school so that he doesn’t infect others with his germs or bugs, or gets infected himself?
The free app for iOS and Android, Is it Contagious? is useful as it provides a quick guide to when a sickness is contagious. It shouldn’t replace doctor’s advice, but it’s a good starting-point guideline, without inducing fear and neuroses.
The app gives parents information and the level of contagiousness for more than 85 conditions, such as pinkeye, bronchitis, whooping cough and much more. There are even photo illustrations for many of the listings and helpful information on when to seek immediate medical attention.
Is It Contagious?


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