How to have fun in the kitchen? Try these rainbow crumpets

November 14, 2012

So it’s unlikely that I’m going to spend hours making a rainbow cake (the kind that adorns Pinterest in every hue), but I was keen to play around with colours, without putting too much effort into it.

Enter Sasko flapjack mix (I call flapjacks crumpets), and bottles of colouring, and we had a rainbow of other sorts.

As with any premix, this was really easy to prepare – I simply added oil, eggs and milk to the flapjack mixture, and beat it by hand with a whisk.

Then I divided the mixture into four bowls, and added a few drops of different colouring to each bowl, and stirred a little.

Then I heated a drop of oil in a pan, spooned the mixtures in, and cooked us some crumpets!

Sweet touches

These crumpets were divine, and fun to make and eat. My toddler exclaimed “gween cwumpet” and “blue spwinkles” and loved it. The rest, as they say, are history.


– Watch that you don’t get colouring on your hands. They won’t stain forever, but take a bit of effort to get off hands

– The package states that the mixture yields 18 crumpets, but we got about 24 out.

– As well as these went with syrup, I think Nutella or ice cream would be divine too.

Note: This post was brought to you by Sasko. All words are my own

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  • Sue Stuart


    November 14, 2012 at 7:49 am Reply
  • Jude Foulston

    Love anything with rainbows – something yummy is even better! Love your pretty sprinkles as well!

    November 14, 2012 at 12:01 pm Reply
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