Mother’s little helper – the TomTom Go 820 LIVE

November 16, 2012


I recently received my first GPS ever. For the last few years I’ve relied on mapbooks (remember those), sketchy directions or guessing games to find locations. I’ve also used a GPS on my phone, but find that I have to hold it to see or hear what’s going on, which doesn’t really equate to safe driving.

So when I received my TomTom Go 820 Live, I probably resembled my toddler getting a new Lego set or truck, such was my excitement. I registered on TomTom, and needing some personalisation, went to to buy a navigation oice. And this was the hardest decision – there are a lot of great voices to buy. For me it was between Marge Simpson, Darth Vader or Kitt (from Knight Rider fame). In the end I chose Kitt, and it’s been very cool being guided by his voice on my travels.


So aside getting me from one place to the next without having to Google, panic, or be late, the TomTom has the following functions, which are awesome:

– LIVE traffic updates every two minutes (so you can choose whether to deviate), plus updates on when you will likely arrive at your destination

– 5 day weather updates (even for the destination you travel to)

– Speed camera detection

– Hands-free calling: this is by far my favourite for safety as you can use the TomTom as a hands-free kit

– The instructions and navigation are spoken, so you can keep your eyes on the road, not the device

– Emergency numbers on hand on a special menu

– Wide touchscreen, and easy to use


Like wet wipes, tissues and snacks, this device is now a must-have in my cubbyhole.

The TomTom Go 820 LIVE is available from R2199


Note: This product was provided for review. All words are my own.

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