Just starting at playschool or creche? Here are some tips that can help

January 31, 2013

I came across a thread on the Huggies Gold Facebook page with tips for moms whose kids are starting creche or playschool, or for those who might be looking for schools. My toddler is starting nursery school next week, so I was keen to read these tips (Lord knows I need all the advice, ResQ Remedy and Biral I can get), and ever greedy for advice, I asked Rattle and Mum’s Facebook likers for some of their best tips.

For those starting soon, all the best of luck. May your kids have a wonderful, safe and fun time, and may it go smoothly for you too! Here are some tips for you from Huggies, and then below that from moms…

“Location is very important when it comes to choosing a crèche or playschool. You want to find one that is either close to your work premises or one that is close to home. This will make it easier for when you have to collect your child without worrying about being stuck in traffic.”


“For a child attending playschool for the first time it can be a significant milestone. Anxiety can be a real big issue. Please can you share with other parents how you dealt with your child’s anxiety and what are some tips that you can give to parents to help them through this journey.”

“Depending on the age of your child you can speak to them about all the fun things they will be doing everyday like playing with blocks and finger-paint.”

“A nice way to get your child acquainted with the new surroundings is to take them to the crèche or playschool for short periods of time while you are still on holiday. This way they will become more familiar with their new caregivers before attending half day or full day.”

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