App of the week: Ranger Rick Jr. Appventure: Lions

February 5, 2013

I picked up on this cool app from Wired and it’s been so highly rated I paid $4.99 for it from the app store, probably one of the more expensive kids’ apps I’ve ever bought.

But it’s been worth every cent for so many features, learning and fun.

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Suitable for kids from around four to six/seven, the app features Lars the Lion and Ricky Raccoon in Africa and is divided into three categories: Explore, Play and Create.

Explore is the educational part, and like all the other categories, there are loads of pages and features here. There are photos, infographics, slide shows, discoveries and facts.

The Play section contains Sound Match (pair animals with the sounds they make), Hide-and-Seek (find animals hidden in the grass), Jigsaw Puzzle, What’s Wrong? (find funny mistakes in a wildlife scene), and Photo Safari (count the lions in the bush).

In Create, there is a sticker board for kids to create pictures, Animal Builder for them to mix and match animals parts, Animal Piano to compose music, and Trail Tales where they can fill in the blanks to make funny stories.

I love that there is so much in one app, and that it can last through various stages of development. My toddler is already having fun with a few of the features, but will be able to use it in a few years’ time still for the reading and writing components.

Also, it’s absolutely wonderful having an app that is so close to home – the African bush!

To learn more about the app, watch this clip:

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