A wonderful read – Making Finn by Susan Newham-Blake

February 19, 2013
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I had seen a lot of buildup of Making Finn before it launched and I was excited to read it. Aside from Tertia Albertyn’s So Close, I don’t know of any local non-fiction reads that deal with matters or battles of conception. Plus, I’d read Susan’s columns on Women.24, and always liked her easygoing and frank style of writing.

Finding Finn is about Susan’s attempt to become pregnant. Why the big deal? Because Susan is gay and in a relationship with Roxi, so needs to find donor sperm. But there are all sorts of challenges – limited donor lists in South Africa, the bureaucracy and admin of getting sperm transported from the US, choosing “the one”, and questions like “Don’t you think your child needs a dad?”

Not only is this book entertaining, but it opened up a fascinating window to sperm donation and how it works here and overseas.

And even though you know there is a happy ending from the cover and title, it doesn’t take away the anticipation and excitement – in fact I felt a lot of the highs, lows and disappointments as I read, along with the stress when the sperm was eventually being transported.

I read this book quickly, keen to get to the end, but it is a fairly quick and short read. I would loved to have learnt more about Roxi, and what happens after Finn is born. I was left longing for a whole lot more, and I hope it’s because Susan is planning on writing some more books, rather than just leaving us hanging (she does allude at the end that there is more writing to come).

I really enjoyed this read, and would buy it for any mom or wannabe mom friend.

Making Finn is available from bookshops at the end of February, and from Kalahari from R171.

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