Here’s what you can do with baby and kids’ stuff you no longer need

March 7, 2013

I often see moms asking what they can do with their baby items and clothes they no longer need. Enter The Grace Factory (in Joburg and Vaal Triangle for now only), which delivers your items, and drops them off.

I was surprised – and in awe – to learn that this wonderful organisation is run by one woman, Amy Westerman, who is also a fulltime working mom at KPMG.


Amy answered a few questions about The Grace Factory:

Wha is The Grace Factory, and how did it start? Why the name The Grace Factory?
It is a charity that collects anything baby – clothes (used or new), blankets (used or new), bottles, nappies, formula etc. and distributes these to babies in need (orphans, sheltered babies etc.). It started after I had my daughter in June 2012 and once she outgrew her clothes, I had nowhere to take it to. I wanted to incorporate my daughter’s name into the charity’s name (Erin Grace), and liked the concept of a factory (making, or in our case collecting items to sell, or in our case donating).

Do you run it alone?
I run TGF alone for now, but have loads of support from friends and family. After my interview with David O’Sullivan on 702 on Monday, we have also received many offers from the public to assist.

Where do you distribute to?
We distribute mainly to children’s homes, orphanages and places of baby safety.

Do you operate nationally?
Not yet, only Gauteng and The Vaal Triangle (area that my wonderful parents run for me and help me with) for now.

What kinds of items do you distribute?

  • Used or new baby clothes
  • Used or new blankets
  • Bottles
  • Calpol
  • Sterimar
  • Nappies
  • Formula (NAN or Infacare)
  • Baby food
  • Nystacid cream
  • Bum cream
  • Wet wipes

What happens if the items aren’t in 100% condition?
We prefer to collect gently soiled items, but if they are a bit worse for wear, we try and clean them nicely, otherwise we have to get rid of them unfortunately.

How do you manage the deliveries and collections? Who funds them?
For now they are self funded, but any sponsorships will be appreciated. My husband and I do them on weekends.

If moms have unwanted items, what can they do to get them to you?
We currently have a drop off point in Krugersdorp and are working on drop off points in the East Rand, Sandton and Bryanston (please see website for more details and updates)

Does The Grace Factory need anything else, aside from items?
Volunteers, cash donations, corporates to sponsor formula at a reduced rate, and storage space.

Amy, you are amazing, and I hope we can help you and The Grace Factory in some way.

If you’d like to keep up with what’s happening at TGF, follow them on Twitter or Facebook.


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