What wet wipes should you be using?

April 26, 2013

This is a sponsored post for Huggies

Wet wipes are like a distant cousin of nappies. They are probably used more than nappies, are needed longer than nappies, and have multiple uses – I even use mine to remove makeup when I’m tired, clean my car, and even my laptop and cellphone, and that’s just me! For my toddler, I use them to clean spills, wipe chocolate from his face, and clean muddy and dirty paws.


Just like with nappies, most moms have a preference for wipes, but did you know that Huggies have three varieties, based on your baby’s skin, as well as what you like. For starters, there are Huggies Aloe with extracts of aloe and vitamin E to help baby’s skin stay hydrated and nourished.  They’re available in 24-wipe travel packs, which is great for nappy bags or keeping in the car.

_L_R 3D Pure 72

For newborns or babies with sensitive skin, there are Pure wipes which contain no alcohol or perfume, and are thick and soft. I use these ones for removing makeup as I have a sensitive and sensitised skin which doesn’t react adversely to these wipes. Huggies Pure and Huggies Aloe wipes are pH balanced and are dermatologically tested.huggies_value_wipes


The third choice in the range is  Huggies Wipes, which are also gentle, and fragrance and alcohol free, and budget friendly too. They are strong and stretchy and suitable for babies and toddler years, and can be used on the baby’s face, hands or bum.

The wipes are available in various pack sizes such as travel, singles, duo and quad packs which offer a solution for every usage occasion.


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