Cool “kid” things that adults should do too

May 9, 2013

I often wonder at what point we grew up so much that we put traditional “kid-like” and such fun activities behind us. I realise it’s no longer appropriate running through sprinklers later, but who said we can’t roll down slopes like we used to? (assuming we still can).

I guess having children allows us to rediscover and re-experience “young” activities, but if I had to compile a list of must-do kiddie fun for all adults, it would look like this:

– Pop the bubbles in bubble wrap

– Jump on a bed

– Jump on a jumping castle

– Water-bomb dive into the pool

– Have a water fight

– Jump in puddles

– Run through sprinklers (clothed might be more appropriate)

– Blow bubbles


– Enjoy an ice cream cone with sprinkles and sauce, or even a soda float

– Finger paint

– Play Twister


– Have a midnight feast

– Camp out in the garden

– Make biscuits in animal shapes

– Lick the icing off Zoo biscuits or Oreos


Anything else you can think of?

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