App and tools of the week: Crayola DigiTools for kids

May 14, 2013

If you have a fairly creative young one with a love for art and technology then the Crayola Digitools set might be perfect for you. Made by iDevice accessory maker Griffin, the Digitools come in three different sets, the 3-D pack, effects pack and airbrush pack.

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The 3-D pack comes with a set of glasses to make your drawings pop out of the screen as well as a stamper and what can only be described as a “dual tip” stylus to make 3-D diagrams with. The effects pack comes with a crayon, stamper and colour changer while the airbrush comes with a spray can attachment, stamper and a rainbow roller. The packs come with a great carry case that attaches to an iPad although I’m yet to find someone that gives their kids an iPad to play with sans case.

Essentially what we have is a really cool set of packs consisting of different types of stylus type products. Where the real magic comes in is the ability to download pack specific apps that really let the attachments come to life.

For example, download the effects pack and the physical crayon can become a pen, pencil or crayon with hundreds of colour options. You can also create swatches of shimmering color with the Digital Color Changer and instant, animated images with the Digital Stamper. Each pack has its own feature but any will keep your kids entertained and creative.

The apps are free however each pack is around R250 from the iStore. Bear in mind that if you have a first generation iPad you’ll struggle as the app requires some processing power to get going.

This is a great way to get your kids interested in creativity while all the time ensuring they’re on the cutting edge of technology. We recommend the effects pack as your first purchase as it’s got all the best parts required to make some amazing art.

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