App of the week: Huggies Pull-Ups iGo Potty

May 23, 2013

So I realise that for centuries we have been teaching potty training without tutorials, guides, pointers and apps. But if you are at the potty-training stage, wanting to know where to start, or how your kid can ‘master’ this, then Huggies Pull-Ups iGo Potty is a pretty good learning tool.

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 1.27.28 PM

Firstly, it’s free on iOS and Android.! Secondly, you can set reminders for when potty time is (you can set when you want the reminders – it can be anything from half an hour to 10 hours).

When it’s time to go, Patty the Potty contacts you/your child child and says, “It’s time to go potty!”, to which you can reply “answer” or “not now”. If you choose “answer” then you will get a message “Potty in progress”, and after the deed is done, you will be asked to answer from “I went potty!”, “I tried to go!” or “I didn’t go this time”.

If your child went to the bathroom they will get a sticker, and after nine stickers they will get a game.A progress tracker shows you how many times your child has been to the bathroom, which you can share via email with family and friends via email.

And when your child is fully trained, the app creates a diploma, which can be personalised and printed out.

You and your child might have fun with this, but you need to ask yourself what happens when you or your phone aren’t around your kid, so it’s probably worthwhile teaching them or asking their school or minders to remind them “manually” when to go to the loo.

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