The Internet’s five most viral dads

June 13, 2013

The web has allowed for the countless creativity of bored humanity to finally be discovered and certain dads have taken this to a whole new level. In honour of Father’s Day we’re looking at five of the coolest projects undertaken by a father and showcased online:

  • Dragon Baby

Dad to little Romeo, Patrick Boivin created “Dragon Baby,” a “Kill Bill”-inspired short film starring his infant son who uses martial arts to slay a stuffed dragon.

The video has over 27 million views on Youtube and spawned a sequel, “Iron Baby”, a tribute to Iron Man.

  • “World’s Best Father”

Dave Engledow felt so clueless in fatherhood that he decided to document his misadventures by showing himself and his daughter Alice Bee in highly precarious situations. The aim of “World’s Best Father,” a tongue-in-cheek photo series meant to poke fun at the type of father Engledow does not want to be.

The Maryland-based dad — who says he is “strictly an amateur” (although he has a degree in photojournalism) — explains that he manipulates the images digitally so they’ll look more cartoonish. You can see more here.

  • Terrified roller coaster dad

This is dedication: It was Steve Fuehne’s worst nightmare – but one he readily endured to see his daughter smile.

A hilarious video captures the devoted dad’s screams as he braves an amusement park ride, knowing his daughter would not be allowed on without him. After the video went viral, Steve admitted to a fear of heights – and his wide-eyed screams show just how genuine these worries were.

  • Bill Gekas

Bill Gekas’s claim to fame are his portraits of his daughter Athena that transplant her into classic images. What originally was intended to be a few classical-style portraits eventually became an ongoing project after his peers and others took notice of their appeal. ”Although the photos aren’t recreations of any particular painting,” says Gekas, “I try to recreate the overall aesthetic the old masters’ works were known for.” Check out Bill’s work here.

  • Ron Fugelseth

The only dad on this list to send his son’s favourite toy, “Stanley the train” into space. Fugelseth strapped a camera and Stanley onto a balloon and captured the entire trip on the phone. This one is worth watching just for the visuals.

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