An honest review of the Sony Xperia V: is it smart for moms and kids?

June 27, 2013

This product was provided for review, and then returned. All opinions are my own

What: Sony Xperia V

What they say: Sony says this is a “Super fast LTE HD smartphone that’s water resistant”. The product highlights include a fast processor, great screen, and a focus on music and of course the fact that it’s water resistant.


What we say: The Xperia V is a 4.3-inch Android smartphone with a special gimmick: it’s water resistant. This is particularly great for parents are you never know what sort of weird things your kids might be doing with your phone. The phone also seems relatively sturdy so junior can send it flying and you won’t worry much.

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2013-05-16 11.39.09

Likes: There’s a lot to like in this phone. Without getting too technical Android has become a really great operating system. If you use Gmail for your mail, contacts and calendar you can’t get better integration than an Android phone. It’s got a 4.3-inch screen rather than the ridiculously large 5-inch screen of the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

We like this fact because it’s easy to fit in your hand while still having a big screen. In addition the phone doesn’t have the fastest internals but never feels slow or clunky. The camera is great for taking snaps of your kids and the battery was great; it lasted a day despite heavy usage. We didn’t test the water resistance too heavily for fear of breaking the phone. It’s not ready to be dunked in water but it’s great for when your toddler spills their juice box on the phone.

Dislikes: If we had to focus on one issue it’s the Sony skin on top of Android. Some of the apps such as the Sony camera gallery app seem a little clunky and slow.

Would I buy this? Without a doubt. I’ve been an iPhone user for the past two and a bit years and I have never enjoyed using Android but this is the first phone that has made me want to swap. It’s light, fast and waterproof; what’s not to like?

Would I buy it for a friend? If that friend had young kids and they used a phone to keep them placated I think it would be a great idea to get them a phone like this.

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  • Lebohang Amos Maputsoe

    I have been using this phone for almost 3 weeks now, my only problem so far is the battery that does not last mine takes about two hours so any one with information what I should do please help me out

    July 12, 2014 at 5:57 pm Reply
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