How to you encourage your child to eat fruit? This is how…

July 2, 2013

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This is a sponsored post for Ella’s Kitchen

If I had a rand for every time a) I heard a mom talking about how she battles to feed her child fruit and veg, and b) I heard an expert give tips on how to get kids to eat fruit and veg, I’d probably be rich.

And I get it – we *know* we should be giving our kids fruit and veggies, but it’s sometimes hard convincing a fussy eater, let alone explaining the importance of vitamins and antioxidants.

Also, sometimes we find that it’s a breeze feeding a baby and his cute toothless mouth with apple, butternut to sweet potato purees, but that once they become toddlers, they will fight you on any food that came from the ground or a tree.

So here’s an idea – fruit smoothies. Each pouch is a little more than a portion (we’re supposed to eat five fruit and veggies a day), and these ones from Ella’s Kitchen are 100% organic. They only have fruit in them – nothing else at all, not even water.

So the “green one” for example has apples, bananas, pears, kiwi fruit, and a dash of lemon juice concentrate, all of which are organic. So even though it’s not a whole fruit, this is a very close second to the real deal. In fact, I’ve spoken to dietitians before who say that smoothies and purees like these are exceptionally close to raw fruit, and much better than fruit juices.

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These smoothies are great for any age child, and because I always taste what I write about, I’ve been snacking on these too (especially when I’m not a huge fan of winter fruit). They fit snugly into lunchboxes and snack bags, and open and close easily, plus you can eat straight out of them. Ella’s Kitchen products are available at leading baby stores.

If you have 30 seconds to spare, take a look at this cute and cool ad about these smoothies.

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