A car campaign that made me think

July 10, 2013


Mother and son selfie in the Citroën C3

One would probably assume that the best part of being involved with a brand campaign is the “free stuff” or the perks or the travel. For me, it’s less about things and more about experiences, or relationships, or “feelings” that arise from a campaign.

I know this might sound fake or a bit airy fairy, but as great as it is to eat a free cupcake or wear a new lipstick, it’s even better when someone has taken the time and effort to make you feel good.

And this is exactly what happened when a week-and-a-half ago I got a Citroën C3 to drive, as part of the #CitroenC3Madame campaign. The campaign asked us to share our tips for efficiency and general inspirational or coping advice for other women trying to fit a lot in their lives.

I got to drive a cool chic car, and got given some treats, along with a gift for one of my blog readers, which was amazing. But the best part? A letter from the Citroën team (and their great agency Machine) that showed heart, thought and care. It was personalised, and showed that someone had taken the time to get to know me, my interests and my son’s name. It also gave me inspiration and motivation that was well worded, and coincidentally, very well timed.

Those four lines of text also made me connect to a brand that I’d never really known much about, and compared with masses of general press releases I get that usually start with “Dear Online Editor”, it was spot on. And it went the distance.

In other news, the car was great. I had one guy checking me out in traffic, one person who commented that it looked like a sportscar, and it was comfortable and zippy to ride. It has an Isofix base (so suited for moms and kids) and was economical on fuel, and it was refreshing to get out my zone of bigger “mommy type” vehicles. In fact, the C3 accommodated all my current needs well.

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