How’s this for Women’s Day Inspiration?

August 8, 2013


I don’t know who the artist is at Ogilvy, but I like him/her, and I love what this agency and the Huggies brand do to make us feel inspired and good, while giving us amazing “gifts” that we can post to Facebook or Pinterest (I’m “that person” who has done just that).

I wrote about their Huggies-Father’s Day campaign here, when a talented (and probably very busy) artist drew cool pics for dads, and this week they have gotten onto the Woman’s Day bandwagon.

They asked some moms for their words of “wisdom” or something inspirational, and then created a cool image around it. Here’s some of what the Huggies and Ogilvy team did:





I’m excited to see the rest. For more, you can follow Huggies on Facebook or Twitter

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