We didn’t save the world, we just added some colour to it #Run2Stop

November 12, 2013

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Last week Stacey Vee and I joined the Continental #Run2Stop crew on their last day of their challenge. In case you missed it, the Continental Run2Stop challenge was a five-day event with two teams pitted against each other. Each team had members who would run, cycle or drive around and perform challenges.

We arrived in Attridgeville at the Leamogetswe Safety Home on Friday, to join the two driving teams (lead by bloggers Ben of Follow the Bounce and Simon of 2 Oceans Vibe). We were going to help them with lining a wall with kids’ handprints. At the same time that we were there, the cyclists and runners were finishing up, and scores were being tallied (Ben’s team were eventually named the winners and will head to Brazil for the football next year).

There was a brilliant atmosphere at the home among the teams, and we spent a little bit of time with the kids while they helped to plant trees, and later as we dotted a wall with our handprints.




I didn’t learn the stories of the children there, but one can assume that they’ve been brought to the home either from abusive or negligent parents. What touched me so greatly was their spirit and openness to our affection and attention, and it was at once uplifting and sad. Again, I don’t know what these kids can go through, but that they can open their hearts and hands to our presence makes them remarkable and forgiving little beings. It was another lesson to me in heart and gratitude.


I know that these kids’ lives won’t be changed forever, but if one of them can one day pick a lemon from the tree they planted, or feel happy each time they see their handprint in colour on the wall, then that’s worth every cent and effort companies and individuals put into helping communities.



Thanks Continental for having us, and for letting us in on your journey to keep the wheels of kindess and uplifttment moving.

To view more on the campaign, have a look at this video:

And though we weren’t there to see it, the teams also helped with some other community work during the week:

Packing 18 000 meals for Stop Hunger Now


 Building a jungle gym and swings:


Painting the wall that we would handprint the next day:


All images (aside from the handprint) via Continental and Tyson Jopson

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