Yay! Finally you can get natural glass baby bottles. Thank you Philips AVENT!

November 19, 2013
natural glass bottle
We know about the benefits of glass (pure, safe, BPA-free, heat resistant, long-lasting) so I was excited to hear that Philips AVENT had launched its new glass feeding bottle.

Each bottle is made  from French Pharmacopoeia grade glass, and is fully recyclable. It is also thermal shock resistant which means it can be safely stored in the fridge, warmed and sterilised with ease. There is also no need for concern that the bottles will break or are “dangerous” (I was quite worried at first), they’re actually very hardy and durable.

The bottle is printed using only organic ink and made from only virgin raw materials ensuring the highest quality and ultimate purity.  The bottles also have teats with an innovative petal design that encourages baby to latch-on easily ensuring a comfortable and contented feed.

There’s also an  innovative twin valve design which reduces colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not baby’s tummy.

Available at Baby City, the 120ml single bottle is available for R195 and the 240ml single for R210. For more info, go to the Philips AVENT website or go to the Philips AVENT Facebook page.


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  • Tidimalo

    oh wow!
    I never thought I’d ever hear of glass bottles and as I did, I thought, “my baby is in danger of getting cuts should the bottle break”. I feel a whole lot of curiosity now that I understand it is safe and made from French Pharmacopoeia grade glass.
    The last baby I had was almost 8 years ago and being pregnant with my last these many years later, I cannot even remember much about bottles. I just remember that hygiene is of utmost importance. I look forward to another “new” experience with AVENT.

    November 19, 2013 at 9:48 am Reply
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