Compelling: Portraits of children around the world and where they sleep

November 28, 2013


Alex, 9, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It’s often unsettling and disturbing seeing how people in different income brackets live, but even more so when you’re looking at kids – those whose parents are on the breadline, and those whose parents spend $1000 a month on dresses alone.

But this project Where Children Sleep by James Mollison is stunning and stark, and presents a portrait of a child or adolescent from around the world along with a picture of their bedrooms.

The series is currently available as a photo essay and book.

Anonymous, 9, Ivory Coast

Indira, 7, Kathmandu, Nepal

Dong, 9, Yunnan, China

Ahkohxet, 8, Amazonia, Brazil

Alyssa, 8, Harlan County, USA

Li, 10, Beijing, China

Bilal, 6, Wadi Abu Hindi, The West Bank

Joey, 11, Kentucky, USA

Kaya, 4, Tokyo, Japan

Jaime, 9, New York, USA

Ryuta 10, Tokyo, Japan

Nantio, 15, Lisamis, Northern Kenya

Kana,16, Tokyo, Japan

James Mollison website

Source: MyModernMet

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