The apple of my eye – brilliant gifts for kids this Christmas

December 5, 2013

If you have a techie child, or a kid who loves gadgets, or even if you’re wanting to encourage tech, or looking for a junior gift this festive season, then take a look at these great products available at the iStore.

The Sphero

I tried the first version and loved it, and now the second version is out. This is one device that my toddler and I both want to play with as much enthusiasm, making it a great gift for adults too. From your iOS device, you can tilt, touch or swing the ball, plus you can change its colour. You can play rolling games with it, and there are various apps that you can download that offer different games, for various levels. R1 499.


Crayola MyPhones

Crayola MyPhones are fully adjustable, kid-fitting and volume limiting (the have a built-in, always-on sound-control circuit to cap peak volume levels at 85 decibels, which is the maximum level recommended by most health organisations). R299.


KaZoo Aux Cables

With various animal options, these cables have heavy-duty cable jackets in cool colours and have heavy-duty plug jackets. R169.

kazoo-aux-dog-1_2 kazoo-aux-butterfly-1_1

KaZoo Stylus

This stylus is compatible with all touch screens, and is easy to grip. It’s great for drawing, sketching and gaming apps. R299.


KaZoo Headphones

These cute headphones also have built-in volume-limiting circuitry, which keeps the sound pressure down to levels recommended, making it safe for little ears. R299.

Crayola Light Marker

This gadget is loads of fun and quite magical. When you turn off the lights and draw in the air with the Light Marker, colour appears on your iPad. How does it work? Crayola Light Marker sends an invisible beam of light to your iPad’s front-facing camera. Your iPad translates Light Marker’s movement into lines of colour you use to play games and create art you can save or share.

There are six activities included:

  • Dot to Dot: Connect the dots to see what appears
  • Splatter Paint: Pop the balloons for colorful splattery fun
  • Scene Starter: Paint in the air using your Light Marker to color in scenes
  • Hide ‘n Seek: Find hidden objects in dark rooms with the Light Marker flashlight
  • Puzzles: Move the pieces into place with your Light Marker
  • Free Draw: Draw with neon crayons, markers and effects







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