This is something I’d sign up for – R20 for two free cab rides a month after drinking

December 5, 2013

This isn’t a post about not drinking. I mean, we moms have a phrase every hour, where we chat about it being wine o’clock. Or we ask what time it is, and someone answers that it’s “wine-thirty”.

It is a post about what to do when you are drunk (and it’s not driving, obviously). It’s about a new campaign from Dial Direct which is offering two lifts per month for only R20 with their Designated Driver Assist product. With Designated Driver, you will get two drivers to pick you up, ensuring that both you and your car get home safe.

I am not going to attest to always driving sober, and there have been times when I’m not quite sure HOW I made it home. Sometimes it was even “fun”, like the time when I lived in Cape Town and late one night we reversed from the restaurant where we ate, to the club we were going to. Hilarious at the time, but so astonishingly stupid, selfish and dangerous. (And speaking of real funny, there are some hilarious drunk text over at Buzzedfeed)

Sometimes it’s not enough thinking of our safety and other motorists, but when you consider your kids waiting for you at home, and getting to them safely and in one piece, then that should change the picture a lot.

I’m trying not to be preachy, and I’m the last person to judge here – I’m just telling you of a great service for when wine o’clock stretches on. And on. To sign up, click here.

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