Postpartum corsets, jewellery made out of teeth and other pregnancy and parenting trends to watch for in 2014

January 20, 2014

Whether you’re a trends follower, or just curious to see what the annual forecasts are, BabyCenter have predicted some parenting trends for the year, based on what their editors are saying, and what’s coming up on all their conversation boards.

Here’s what they think will be big this year:

Drinking pineapple core and pomegranate juice during preconception


Women are saying goodbye to body cleansing concoctions and hello to… implantation drinks? According to Linda Murray, BabyCenter’s Global Editor in Chief, moms-to-be are sucking down pineapple core/pomegranate juice in hopes of getting pregnant. “Those who believe it works are very methodical in how they prepare the pineapple core,” says Murray. She notes that they drink the juices at certain times — like in the “stimulation phase” — and only prepare the cores.

Skull theory


Parents have turned to creative ways of getting pregnant (see previous juice theory), and now this new theory can be added to the ways parents attempt to guess the baby’s gender. One method eager ‘rents have turned to is examining baby’s skull in utero. Apparently, analyzing the little one’s cranium helps determine if if it’s a Jane or John. Murray says the hot topic has come up in almost every community group.

Holiday pregnancy announcements

ThanksChristmagivikkah may be over, but 2013 ushered in a new holiday tradition for parents-to be. Expecting moms and dads are choosing to announce their big news during the Christmas season. Murray says “Sharing on Christmas is not only a great moment for families, but it makes a great photo for sharing via social networks.”

Postpartum corsets


Even though a few celeb mothers are finally speaking out against body-shaming, our culture still puts intense focus on post-pregnancy looks and moms are affected by it. They are buying into the corset trend in an attempt to squeeze away baby weight quickly. “New moms are very interested in these old-school body shapers to shrink hips and tummies after a baby, even if some of them come with a pretty hefty price tag,” says Murray.

Half birthdays


One day of balloons, cake and screaming kids just isn’t enough excitement for some parents. According to Murray “half birthdays are shaping up to be the “it” milestone of 2014.” With so many ideas for parties, it’s no wonder that moms and dads are looking for more ways to share their little one’s special day(s).

Birthday crowns


Traditional birthday hats aren’t cutting it anymore, either. Instead, parents are now picking up birthday crowns. It might have something to do with the ability to personalise the crown for a child’s special day, or because they’re popping up all over the mecca of DIY projects — Pinterest. Either way, parents can also use them to celebrate those aforementioned half-birthdays.

Jewellery made out of baby teeth


According to BabyCenter, discussions about this new fashion keepsake are starting to pop up around their discussion boards. So far there are only 30 threads about it, but don’t be surprised — or freaked — if you see a tooth bracelet or necklace on a fellow parent later this year. Bracelet available for purchase on Etsy

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