Would you buy a keychain that alerts you when your baby’s nappy is wet?

February 13, 2014

I love technology a lot. I love how it connects us, and generally makes life easier. But sometimes tech makes my life a little harder, or there are devices that come along that appear to complicate life, rather than ease it.


And then there are gadgets that come along, and you wonder if they will be awesome or a dust gatherer, like the USB-like keychain that lights up when your baby’s nappy is wet. The user just places the sensor up to the nappy and a light turns on if it senses wet fabric.

Surely that’s as “labour intensive” as just checking the nappy itself? But according to its engineer Eric Schub in Michigan, the device works through a fully clothed child so you don’t have to undress your baby, or wake them up with al the prodding and pulling.

Schuh placed the model up for auction on Kickstarter on Jan. 21 asking for $500 to get the project off the ground. To date, more than $5,500 has been pledged and bidding is still open until February 20. An individual device is going for $12 and expected delivery is between February and March.

To see more, have a look at the demonstration video,


Via Parent.com

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