Flora margarine – what happened after the 21-day challenge

A few weeks ago I wrote about my trip to Villiersdorp in the Cape for the launch of the 21-day Flora challenge, where families were taking steps (literally) to lower their cholesterol.

For 21 days, Flora supported the residents by hosting cooking demonstrations, talks and exercise programmes, and giving them Pro-active margarine to lower their cholesterol. Cholesterol levels were checked before the 21 days, and after.

This is what their activities looked like for 21 days:



And after 21 days, this is what happened:

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 8.54.38 AM

Impressive. These stats also “beat” similar ones in Greece and Australia.

PS: Many of you have asked where Villiersdorp is, and what it looks like. Here are some pics.

Theewater 16

Theewater Sports Club 1

Theewater Sports Club 2



Buildings 11

Images courtesy Flora







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